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How to Enjoy a Pocket-Friendly Vacation in Miami


The incredible beach destination, Miami has been a hot favorite amongst tourists for years. The city’s world-famous bars, happening nightlife, decorated neighborhoods and white sand beaches are just some of the reasons why people love coming to Miami. Since the city features in the Wishlist of many tourists, traveling to Miami can be an expensive affair if you do not plan ahead. Here, we are sharing a few handy tips that will help you to enjoy a budget-friendly trip to do stuff like
snorkeling in Miami vacation in it’s beach paradise.


Visit Miami during the Off-season


June to August is the best time for visiting Miami if you are on a tight budget. Smart travelers can avoid peak season crowds, enjoy decent weather and save a large amount of money by visiting Miami during this time. Visitors can easily find
cheap flights and cheap airline tickets to the beach city at this time of the year. Also, even hotel rooms cost much lower due to the low occupancy during the summer months.


Look for areas offering cheaper hotel rooms


With hotel rooms costing as much as $250 a night in Miami, it is very important to find budget-friendly accommodation here. Look for small hotels and dorms in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Art Deco District and Key Biscayne to save money. Staying in swanky hotels of the South Beach area can set you back considerably. Public transport offers easy and affordable connectivity to major hotspots of the city from these areas. If you can find cheap
plane tickets and a budget room in Miami, then you are in for some healthy savings. 



Fly to the city’s alternate airports


You can cut down on traveling costs to Miami by booking a flight to some of the airports near the Miami International Airport (MIA) like the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Palm Beach Airport (PBI) and Fort Myers Airport (RSW). Landing at one of these airports can be a lot cheaper than the busier Miami International Airport, which receives the major chunk of people coming to the city. You can easily commute to your hotel from these airports as they lie within a short distance of Miami. In fact,
flights to alternate airports nearby large cities like Miami almost always cost lesser than flights to the main airport of the city.



Use Public transport for exploring the beach paradise


Miami is known for its fabulous MetroRail and MetroBus Services, which can be a budget-friendly and fantastic way to see famous sites all over the city. All the prominent locations of the city from the beach to the mainland are well connected by these public transport services. Using public transport is a sure shot way to save money on your Miami trip instead of opting for the more expensive cabs or rental car services.


Avoid traveling to Miami on the last minute


flight tickets are generally pricier because of the huge number of people visiting the city throughout the year. This means you can be in for an unpleasant surprise if you try and book
last-minute flights to Miami. So plan your trip early and book flights at least a month in advance to corner cheap airplane tickets
to Miami.



Don’t miss out on the free attractions and activities


Miami is known for being expensive, but there are a number of activities you can do and places you can visit for free or for a nominal charge. This can work wonders for travelers on a budget. Visitors can enjoy a walk down the historic Lincoln Road, click fabulous pictures at the Art Deco District, practice yoga at the Bayfront Park, munch on cheap food in little Havana, take a ride on the metro mover or tour the stunning Everglades National Park for a small charge. All this and more awaits you in Miami.




8 Easy Tips to Save on Last Minute Flights


Looking for last minute flight tickets for any destination can be a tough and time taking process. As per the general trend, flight tickets prices for a short-haul destination becomes cheaper in case of the availability of seats, especially during the last minute. However, 
last-minute flight prices may go up for a long-haul flight destination and increase your overall travel expenses.


Here are few things to remember if you plan to book last-minute flight tickets


Booking of flight tickets at the right time and right day


Picking the right day and right time for booking a flight ticket can play a crucial role in fetching a cheap flight deal. Tuesday is usually considered the best day in a week to book 
cheap airline tickets The reason being, many airlines come up with their weekly sales on Tuesday, which generates competition to attract the customers, so one might come across numerous eye-catchy deals while searching. 


Opt to travel on mid-week


A mid-week flight booking can offer some tempting options on last-minute flights. In the case of flexible travel plans, check out what a date change will do to the bottom line. According to the general trend, some of the cheapest days to fly, when not many travelers opt to fly, include Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Booking last-minute flight tickets around these days can fetch a good flight deal.


Signing up for Price Alerts or Joining a Frequent Flyer Program


Flight prices keep on changing because of the dynamic pricing system of the airlines. So, it is highly recommended to sign up for Price Alerts. This helps to keep an eye on the fluctuating price and get hold of the cheapest 
last-minute flight deals. 


Choose alternate or nearby airports to avail cheap airlines tickets


Opting for alternate arrival and departure airports is a sensible idea to enjoy comparatively reasonable airline deals. The major tourist destinations very often attract huge tourist crowds, making it a popularly demanded airport with expensive flight options. But picking up an alternate airport can always fetch cheaper flights tickets than booking a flight for a popularly demanded airport of a busy tourist destination.



Choose to Fly via different airlines


To avail of the maximum benefit on flight tickets, try to opt for one-way tickets, as most airlines sell one-way tickets at a comparatively reasonable price. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to get cheaper one-way flight tickets via different airlines.


Check out the low-cost airline for availing comparatively cheap airline tickets


Try to pick a Low-cost or budget airline that usually offers lucrative last-minute flight
 deals to lure the customers. Unlike branded and big airlines, the low-cost airlines very often promote various schemes and flight deals to attract fliers. 


Check out exclusive sales & flight deals on social media


Many airlines very often publish exclusive social media sales and deals. And this can be one of the lucrative ways to save on last-minute flights. An avid flier must keep an eye on these deals and get hold of the special promo codes and coupons to avail of the maximum discount of the airline’s tickets.


Try different search engines to explore various flight deals


It is always recommended to use an alternate web browser to explore and book cheap flights.
  Generally, the airlines use cookies to create price-related permutations and combinations, leading to higher flight ticket pricing. By using different search engines, one can avail best 
last-minute flight deals without getting entrapped in the cookies business of so-called popular sites. 


These are a few popular techniques to get hold of the best last-minute flight deals.  
One may pick any of these options to enjoy maximum benefits on the flights and enjoy an economical, budgeted, and memorable travel experience. 






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